Photo Releaser

Photo Releaser is a tool to move your images from your camera to your hard disc. The images will be renamed automatically into the format yyyy-mm-dd_Label_nnn.ext. Because the file date is saved into the filename you can edit the image without lose the file date. An advantage of this date format is that when sorting your files by filename the images are in the right order. The label is given by you and can be the subject or place where the pictures are taken. The filename is ended by a sequence.

Tip: After releasing your photos with Photo Releaser you can optionally use Filename Checker to apply advanced file renaming. Filename Checker will also be useful to rename your current picture archives that probably not have a useful name.

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Photo Releaser
299 kb, zip-file
Release date:
Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Release notes:
0.5 2003-10-20 Fixed order and refresh bugs
  0.1 2003-08-11 First public release