Ultra Manager (1991-1997)

Starting Ultra Manager

When you start Ultra Manager by typing UM at the DOS-prompt, Ultra Manager will starts very fast. Of course you can start Ultra Manager from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you starts Ultra Manager from Windows or OS/2, you can use many options like the Address Manager, but you can't run other program's.

Application menu

The main screen is the program menu. Here you can start all your programs. Ultra Manager will not stay in memory when you start a program. The menu is specially made for DOS programs, but you can also start Windows programs. Ultra Manager remembers the last used programs, so you can quickly swap between the programs.

Not only a menu program

Ultra Manager is not only a menu program, it has many options like a Address Manager, a Boot Manager, Disk Manager and Calendar. All functions can be used with the function key's on your keyboard. But you can also start a Ultra Manager function from the DOS prompt. By using a startup-option, one or more functions can be called. The spacebar or F4 give you a list of all Ultra Manager functions.

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