ICQ Pager

When I'm
online I'll receive your message directly.
When I'm
offline I'll receive your message when I go online.

My ICQ number is: 645878

Franckey 645878

If you have a running ICQ client (you have ICQ)

you can Chat Me, ICQ-Me and/or Add Me to your contact list. Mozilla Users: If you are prompted to Pick App or Save File, select Pick App and browse to the location of your ICQ.EXE file (usually in C:\Program Files\ICQ\ICQ.EXE). Internet Explorer Users: If you are prompted to Open or Save As select Open.

If you do not have an ICQ client
you can press the Page Me button to send me an ICQ message through my Unified Messaging Center,the Zoom Me button to view my ICQ Meet People details and the EmailNotify Me button to send me an email and notify me by ICQ. If I am online, the message will popup on my screen, if I am offline it will be stored and forwarded to me as soon as I connect to the internet. Installing the ICQ client will enable you to know if your friends are online and communicate directly with them.